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Craving for chocolate? Sweet, delectable chocolate truffle cake is enough to satisfy your cravings for chocolate and at the same time can bring spark in your every celebration. A chocolate truffle is a perfect treat for every celebration be it a birthday party or a get-together, you just need this delicious delicacy to add magic in your events. Cakesongo is a one-stop-shop to order cake online and send it to your loved ones to make their day special. You just simply need to select a cake, place the order and get online cake delivery in just 2 hours at your desired place or midnight chocolate truffle cake delivery services offered by us.

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Looking for a sweet delight to brighten up your celebrations? Well, the answer is quite simple and clear. A moist, spongy, and delectable chocolate truffle cake. The Chocolate truffle cake is filled with the sweetness of the cream and dark chocolate in each layer of the cake. It tastes amazing and can be said that it is the tastiest version of regular chocolate cake. It is safe to say that Chocolate truffle cake is the king of desserts. Experience the taste of this delicacy from the best online cake shop- Cakesongo. Choose from our extensive collection of chocolate truffle cakes and make your shopping experience vast and worth remembering.

The cake is the only dessert that is loved by everyone. Though adding cake and flowers to your event can multiply the joy and happiness in your parties. Something pleasant with cake can fill the lives of your loved ones with happiness and excitement. That’s why, Cakesongo presents to you an amazing collection of cake combos, such as the cake and flowers, cake with exciting gifts and chocolates, or cake with greeting cards. You can easily convey your emotions in a better way with the help of these exclusive combos. Whether it is Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion. Our amazing combos will bring the sweetest smile on the faces of your loved ones and will secure the moment forever. 

Why Chocolate Truffle Cakes Are Good For You?


Cakes are a staple dessert for every occasion. People from every country love cake. But we often neglect cake thinking that it'll have a negative impact on our body because of sugar contained and other things. But what if we tell you that there are several "health benefits of eating Chocolate truffle cake”. Yes you read it correct. Chocolate Truffle cake has various benefits:-

  1. Eating chocolate truffle cake can lower the risks of strokes. 

  2. It is found in a study that if a pregnant woman eats chocolate cake it reduces the level of stress and the babies of those parents who used to eat chocolate cakes are happier than those whose parents do not eat chocolate truffle cakes.

  3. Chocolate truffle cakes boast an impressive nutrient profile and are high in many important vitamins and minerals.

  4. Chocolate truffle cakes contain dark chocolate in sufficient amounts. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which protects our skin from the harmful UV Rays of sun.

  5. One study showed that compounds extracted from various kinds of truffles helped block the growth of liver, lung, colon and breast tumor cells.

  6. Having chocolate truffle cake for breakfast can help you in your journey of weight loss. As it keeps you filled and you won’t feel hungry for a long time and then end up eating less than your regular day

  7. Chocolate truffle cakes can improve your memory. It is good for a brain to be healthy.

  8. .Chocolate cake is not only good for our brain; it is also good for our heart and soul. Therefore, start adding this blessing into your regular diet..

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Cakesongo not only offers an ultimate collection of chocolate truffle cakes but also takes the whole responsibility to deliver the cake to your desired destination with the same emotions or sentiments that you have for your loved ones. Your family, friends, or girlfriend/boyfriend is so close to your heart but life has its own cruel experiences and flavors and they are not so kind. It creates barriers and distances between you and your loved ones because of various reasons. Especially in these times, many of you have been stuck in another city and are missing celebrating all the happy and joyous special occasions or events with your loved ones. We know that it hurts as you can’t be a part of the special occasion or events. But this time, Cakesongo has your back, we won’t let you feel sad as we have come up with some mind-blowing solutions that will surely bring you closer to your dear ones and bring a wide smile to your face. Make your presence on any occasion with the fast online chocolate truffle cake delivery service offered by us. A cake is the sweeter solution to every problem. Cherish every relation in your life with the sweetness of online truffle cake. Hence, Cakesongo presents you with an exclusive range of truffle cakes in a variety of designs so that you can pick the perfect one according to your needs and demands for your loved ones. Immerse yourself in the yummy flavors and soft texture of the chocolate truffle cake, give us a call now.